KWSB unable to raise DHA water quota

August 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB is providing Defence Housing Authority DHA 10 million gallons of water daily as per the decided formula, however, in the current scenario we are unable to increase this quota, said KWSB spokesperson.

He said that DHA has requested an increase in the supply but we are currently facing 400 million gallon difference in supply and demand. He said that ever since the completion of Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme KIII no other water supply project has been initiated and our current resources are running short to full fill the needs of this rapidly growing metropolis. KW&SB has been striving to ensure provision of swift and just supply to the citizens of Karachi. Another major reason of water shortage is electricity breakdowns causing shortage throughout the city, added KW&SB spokesperson.

Stressing on the need of Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme KIV, KWSB spokesperson stated that due to rapid development in D.H.A and other parts of the city and various development projects is it vital that KIV project is completed. KW&SB can increase quota to D.H.A only after the completion of KIV project.

Agreeing to the need of additional quota in D.H.A due to development and growth he said that 10 million gallons daily is below their need however we are forced to comply to the decided formula for now since we are facing shortages throughout the city and despite all efforts we cannot provide water to all parts of the city on daily basis.

Denying that KWSB is responsible for water shortage in DHA, he said that in the current scenario we are unable to increase DHA quota since we are facing shortfall and shortage in all areas of the city and it can only be overcome with the completion of Greater Karachi Water Supply Scheme KIV.