Lack of sanitation creating problems for residents

August 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Abbottabad: Municipal committee Abbottabad Sanitation Staff is taking no interest to remove heap of garbage from different parts of city.

Residents of areas have requested sanitary inspector and other staff to clear dump of garbage with cleaning of road side mullahs and to remove e mud and stones from streets and link roads time and again but they are not paying any attention to towards the problems. The most affected areas are the Lower Kehal, Abu Zar Street, link road, Malik Pura, Kunj, Kehal road, and main bus stand.

It was reported that in most of cases, dumps of garbage are not removed for the last one month which all are creating health hazards for the peoples of surrounding areas in the rainy season and due to smell of the garbage, peoples are facing great problem and chances of spread of different diseases especially the Dengue fever with Malaria due to polluted rain water which is flowing on the streets and on roads.