Land records being computerized & be completed by April 2015: Ch. Mohammad Akram

September 17, 2014 Off By Web Desk

Lahore: Chief Town Planner, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Chaudhry Mohammad Akram has said that land records are being computerized and will be completed by April 2015.

He was addressing a meeting at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Meeting was presided over by the LCCI President Engineer Sohail Lashari. Vice President LCCI Kashif Anwar, Executive Committee Members Maqsood Ahmed Butt, Mian Mohammad Afzal, former Executive Committee Members Shahzad Azam Khan, Sheikh Mohammad Ayub and Rehmatullah Javed also spoke on the occasion.

Chief Town Planner LDA said that computerization of land records will bring transparency in the system. He said that a proposal has been forwarded to Chief Minister Punjab that 50% rebate may be given to the educational & health institutions on their commercialization fees.

He said that all segments of society should follow the rules and regulations as violation of bylaws are creating problems. He said that people of western world strictly follow the rules and regulations but situation in our country is quite different. He said that we also need to promote such culture to come at par with the developed countries.

He said that Lahore Development Authority is in the process of launching various schemes and trying to execute all projects in a best manner. He said that LDA is strictly controlling violation of building laws.

He informed the participants that LDA one window operation is working efficiently and playing role of a facilitation centre. He also informed that LDA is trying to approve building maps within 15 days.

Speaking on the occasion, President of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Engineer Sohail Lashari said that Lahore Development Authority is an important department. It has carried out various developmental projects and is being seen making efforts for the uplift of the city. Business community appreciates the efforts of this department for trying to facilitate the people for better services.

LCCI President said that none of the members of the business community is unwilling to pay taxes. In fact we are the ones who believe that the tax bracket should be broadened but unfortunately the utilization and implementation of policies is not well implemented.

He said that at present the commercialization fee is to be paid in four instalments. He suggested extending it to 12 instalments as this would minimize the financial burden on the business community which is already under great deal of stress due to un-desirable business conditions prevailing in the country.

Engineer Sohail Lashari said that at present the temporary commercialization fee is being paid in instalments for a certain time period. In case of default the already paid amount is forfeited and the incumbent is asked to pay the total amount of commercialization fee.

He suggested changing the existing clause by only charging the remaining amount of commercialization fee instead of forfeiting the amount already paid.

LCCI President said that the commercialization fee on one kanal building has been increased to Rs. 500,000/- from Rs. 110,000/-. Raise should be withdrawn and charged the previous amount of Rs. 110,000/- to provide relief to the business community which is already confronting worst energy crisis, bad law and order condition and political unrest.

He said that Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry is playing a role of bridge between Public and Private Sector. He said that promotion of Public Private Dialogue (PPD) is need of the hour. He said that LCCI is striving to promote this concept to ensure letter and spirit implementation of all the economic policies.

He urged the LDA officials to invite private sector representatives in the official meetings of Lahore Development Authority to get their feedback.

LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar stressed the need for construction of parking plazas in various parts of the city to resolve the issue of traffic mess. He said that official website of Lahore Development Authority should be updated on regular basis.

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