Land services, police department most corrupt in Pakistan: TI

July 9, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Corrupt practices are on the rise in Pakistan, especially in police and government departments, according to a public opinion poll released on Tuesday.

The survey by Transparency International, a global nongovernmental body which studies bribery around the world, categorized different sectors of Pakistan society including police, public officials, political parties, parliament, medical and health services, judiciary, education system, business and private sector, nongovernmental organizations NGOs, media, military and religious bodies over their involvement in corrupt practices.

The survey carried out from 1,000 people, with a three percent margin of error, illustrated police department and public officials leading in corruption with 86 percent, followed by political parties 84 percent, parliament 76 percent, medical services and judiciary 66 percent, education system 64 percent and NGOs 62 percent.

Meanwhile, religious bodies had topped with least corruption of 54 percent followed by military and media.

The survey also revealed that majority of the Pakistanis paid bribe when they came in contact with the land services departments. Police remained on second number with 65 percent while 36 percent paid bribe in judicial system followed by 16 percent in education department.

Indicating an alarming situation, the survey showed that 54 percent people said that corruption has increased a lot in the country while 18 percent said that it had increased a little.

It also indicated a dangerous trend in dealings with public sector, with almost 96 percent people saying that the personal contacts are important in public sector for getting things done. The survey further categorized it between male and female and showed that 96 percent male considers personal contacts important for getting things done while 95 percent women considers it important.

The survey also showed that 52 percent of the population thinks that the government action in fight against corruption is very ineffective while 17 percent considers it only ineffective. Moreover, 14 percent considers government fight against corruption as effective.

The survey reflected positivity of 59 percent Pakistanis, who said that they are willing to pay more to buy goods from a company that is clean and corrupt free.

Speaking during a press conference at Karachi Press Club, Chairman TI Pakistan, Sohail Muzaffar stressed upon the government to address corruption with an iron hand as the economic condition of Pakistan is at its lowest due to rampant corruption in the country.

Muzaffar said that according to Corruption Perception Index CPI of 2012, Pakistan is placed at 34 in the list of most corrupt nations out of 180 countries.

Adviser TI Pakistan, Syed Adil Gillani, said that he expects Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government will adhere to the promises made in their election manifesto of zero tolerance to corruption in Pakistan.