Lawlessness pushes demand of bulletproof cars in Karachi

March 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The demand of bulletproof cars in Karachi is increasing due to crumbling law and order situation in this hub of Pakistan’s industrial and commercial activities.

Director Toyota Central Motors TCM Shahzad Godil, briefing media on the occasion of Toyota Dream Car Arts Contest here said it is unusual that up to 20 orders are being placed with the factories for car bullet-proofing every month by the private sector, particularly businessmen. He said that in past only politicians and law enforcing agencies used to order for bulletproof vehicles.

He disclosed that there are four factories working in Karachi for vehicle bullet-proofing, adding the cost of bullet-proofing of each vehicle is about Rs3 million. He said that the bullet-proofed vehicles could sustain the firing of AK47.

Shahzad said that demand for bullet-proofed vehicles has also increased in other parts of the country as three bullet-proofing factories, working upcountry are receiving about 15 to 20 orders per month, mostly from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Islamabad. He said that demand for bullet-proofing from Punjab is almost zero.

To a question he said that there is about only 20 to 30 per cent cost deference in localized bulletproof vehicles and imported ones. He said that TCM has a contract for supply of bullet-proofing components with world’s top manufactures. He said that out three bullet-proofing factories one is in Lahore and one each is in Islamabad and Peshawar. He said that as the weight of the bulletproof vehicle increases by 50 per cent and the fuel consumption too increases with the same proportion.

To a question, he said that the cash sale of locally manufactured cars has increased as compared to the sale of vehicles to the corporate sector. “This year cash buying surpassed the sale to the corporate and public sector organizations”. He said that there not much impact of government’s amnesty scheme on automobile’s sale as people are staying away from purchasing illegal or smuggled cars.

He explained that cars purchased under amnesty scheme are real hard to resell and customers just do not want to their hard-earned money stuck up on cars having no documents. He said that the 7th Toyota Dream Car Contest has proved to be very exciting and successful as most of the prominent schools participated in the painting contest of the future car’s concept.

He said that the final winner of the contest would be sent to Japan’s visit along with his or her parents. He said that the enthusiasm among the school’s students is growing every year as they are eager to participate in healthy and creative activities. CEO TCM, Salim Godil also spoke on the occasion.