Levies foil arms smuggling to Karachi

December 25, 2013 Off By Web Desk

MASTUNG: Kirdgap Levies in a successful action foiled smuggling of weapons to Karachi from Afghan border and seized weapons laden pickup Wednesday. According to details, arms smugglers were smuggling large quantity of arms and ammunition in a pickup from Afghan border to Karachi. Levies personnel signalled this suspected pickup at Sarband area in Kirdgap today.

Smugglers resorted to firing and escaped into nearby mountains. Levies took possession of the pickup and searched it. It led to seizure of large quantity of arms and ammunition.

Deputy Commissioner Syed Mehrab Shah and others were present on the occasion. Seized arms and ammunition included butt close kalashinkov (62), pistols (30), kalashinkov magazines (120), pistol magazines (50), pen pistols (2), rounds (20), binoculars (3), silencers (3), night vision laser and hundreds of kalashinkov rounds.