LG Electronics launches latest DJ music device

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: LG Electronics LG on Tuesday announced the launch of the latest DJ music device, with the most powerful sound, the LG CM9730 mini HiFi system, known as the XBOOM. This new LG XBoom promises to be a huge success amongst the music community as it is specifically designed for music lovers interested in the scratch right jog dial and passion to be a DJ in their homes.

The XBOOM allows easy control and automation in mixing music using sound effects such as flanger, phaser, chorus and delay while also creating beats with backspin, crossfade, and beatbox or using scratch and voice sampling. Music lovers will enjoy songs on a totally different level as it boasts six beatbox, five voice samples and seven smart DJ effects, Latin EQ and dual USB. Additionally, the XBOOM’s mini HiFi system features the world’s most powerful sound with 2300W RMS and 25000W PMPO that allow users to enjoy a potent sound output.

“We believe the XBOOM will prove to be an important stepping stone for young musicians and passionate DJs who want to make a mark in the vibrant Middle East music community. At LG, we believe that music brings people together and the XBOOM will do that with its easy to learn controls and great sound.” said Mr. D.Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE.

The XBOOM also boasts brilliant red colour illumination on its LED speakers that match the beats of the music. Consumers can create their own playlist as well as eliminate the interval between songs by adding exciting beat box effect between songs.