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September 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Military operation was conducted in FATA and Balochistan at the behest of foreign forces which damaged the country. Foreign hand is involved in deteriorated situation of Pakistan. Missing persons problem has become worst in Balochistan. Law enforcers should end lawlessness and recover missing persons.

These views were expressed by Central Secretary General Jamaat Islami Pakistan Liaqat Baloch at a Press conference at Provincial Secretariat Alfalah House here Wednesday.

He said problems should be resolved in all areas of the country where situation is bad. It is good sign.

He said there is no electricity in Balochistan since long which has badly affected agriculture. Government must pay attention on it besides other problems.

He said APC called by Prime Minister in view prevalent situation is good sign but problems discussed including holding dialogues with Taliban and non use of force in FATA and Balochistan is good. Government should be serious in this end. He said instead of military operation in Balochistan empowering Chief Minister with all powers is a positive step towards resolving the issue.

He said self imposed war against terrorism by America has endangered the region in particular and the world in general. Third super power attacked Afghanistan. America was proud and attacked the region instead of learning lesson from Britain and Russian mistakes and thus suffered more disgrace.

The way military dictator surrendered before America after 9/11 it worsened the situation internally in Pakistan and more than 47 thousand soldiers and common men were killed. Pakistan suffered a loss of 95 billion dollars which badly affected country’s infrastructure. Lawlessness and sectarianism conspired to distance Pakistan from neighbouring countries in the region. He said process so of usurping democracy and human rights in the country 65 years ago was continuing today.

After the death of founder of Pakistan democracy, human rights, basic rights of people and their solution were buried with the burial of Quaid e Azam. Destruction caused during 9/11 at the Pentagon had deep rooted impacts on freedom of the world and economy. It was a tragic incident. They way America adopted for its agenda over the world increased terrorism and extremism. Instead of learning a lesson from its mistake in Afghanistan and conquering the world, America failed to publish inquiry report of this incident despite having hub of high technology.

He aid America admitting its mistake in Afghanistan and region should learn a lesson and leave Afghanistan instead of conquering the world. Afghan people should be given right of decision of their future.

Liaqat Baloch said APC has shown unanimity that areas of the country where situation is bad solution of problems should be sought through better strategy and wisdom. It has pleasing point of view Jamaat demand in the past all the parties which were opposed to it had agreed on it. It has worried America. We expect Prime Minister he would ensure implementation of consensus decision of APC.

He said Balochistan Chief Minister and President BNP Akhtar Mengal presented provincial case in detail. This is why decision to hold APC in Quetta has been taken. He said Balochistan Chief Minister is requested to prepare working paper keeping situation in the province in view. It should include problems and solution and those gone on mountains. Such a charter should be paired as is agreed upon by all. He said issue of missing persons in Balochistan is becoming more serious than in Sindh, FATA, Punjab and Khyber Pashtoonkhwa. Law enforcement agencies should end this lawlessness and recover missing persons.

He said release of Taliban leaders and Pakistan’s desire to extend help to Afghanistan for peace there is good headway.