Losses in war on terror national loss: Altaf Shakoor

November 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pasban leader Altaf Shakoor has said that the losses being suffered by the armed forces or civilian population in the war on terror are the joint loss of whole nation, as our innocent people are dying in their alien war imposed on Pakistan.

In a statement here Monday, he said who is a martyr and who is not is better known by Allah, the Almighty. However, there are no two questions that the huge loss of life in this war, which is not our war, is being silently sustained by the Pakistani nation. He said it is clear that this ‘terror war’ in not our war, but it also is fact that all actions of Taliban could not be endorsed, blindly. He said the loss of innocent Pakistanis – whether they belong to armed forces or are civilians – is the result of our failed foreign policy. He regretted that the slavish foreign policy made by the former dictator is being continued by the elected democratic governments. He said what we need urgently is to review our foreign policy and align it as per our own national agenda and the aspirations of Pakistani people.

He said Pakistan is a sovereign State and no foreign power should dictate us. “We need our own foreign policy tailored as per our own needs.” He said the outsiders should not be allowed to decide what is good for Pakistan or what is not. It is the prerogative of Pakistani nation to take decisions as per its own circumstances.

Pasban leader said we have lost our brave soldiers and we have also lost thousands of innocent Pakistani civilians in this proxy war. He said this war was endorsed and patronized by a dictator and he should be tried for this crime. He said if the dictator was allowed to go scout-free it would be yet another national tragedy.

Altaf Shakoor categorically said that both Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Army are patriotic forces. There is no question about their integrity and patriotism as their great sacrifices are known by the whole nation. He said distances and polarization between them is not a good omen for us. He said this is time for unity, adding only the anti-Pakistan elements would be happy if the JI and security forces are kept separated and alienated. He reminded that the armed forces are the only national institution of Pakistan that is still strong like a rock and we should ensure to get it goes even stronger.

He said the government should not let wasted the chance of holding talks with Taliban. He said all issues are resolved through talks as the world history shows that war and infighting is no solution to any issue. He said our civil, military and political leadership should ensure there is unwavering unity amongst our ranks and files, because this is the only way to foil the internal and external conspiracies against Pakistan.