Low gas supply affects KESC power generation capacity

May 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC has supplied only 150 MMCFD gas on average to Karachi Electric Supply Company KESC in the month of May which is very low against its summer requirement of 276 MMCFD, says a notification released by KESC.

Pressure of the supplied gas is also low due to which various gas fired power plants at Korangi, SITE and Bin Qasim are not able to operate at their optimum capacity. Due to the prevalent dismal gas supply situation, KESC’s generation capability is severely and adversely impacted.

The electricity demand for Karachi has touched record 2650 MWs and to meet this unprecedented high demand KESC requires stable gas supply of at least 276 MMCFD. It is noteworthy that the present gas volume being supplied to KESC is significantly less than the volume supplied to the utility at this time last year.

Due to this severe shortfall in gas supply and its resulting adverse impact on generation activity, load shedding across all industrial zones has gone up to four hours, whereas the residential and commercial areas are facing up to nine hours of load shedding. KESC has expressed concerns that the continuing gas curtailment could lead to further increase in load shedding hours across all consumer segments.

KESC has expressed regrets over the inconvenience caused to its customers due to reasons beyond its control and has appealed to the public to remain peaceful. The utility has also assured its customers that as soon as the gas supply is restored to the desired level, load shedding schedule will be normalized instantly.

Meanwhile, KESC has demanded of the government to immediately intervene and increase gas supply so that gas fired generation capacity of the power utility could be fully utilized for the benefit of 20 million people of Karachi.