Maroof International Hospital Hit with Severe Ransomware Attack

February 19, 2020 Off By Web Desk

Maroof International Hospital Islamabad’s entire computer network has been compromised in the wake of a massive ransomware attack.

Maroof is one of the most expensive private hospitals in Islamabad.

According to Maroof officials, the ransomware attack targeted the hospital’s servers on February 13,

But thankfully we had a disaster recovery facility available, and the process for recovery of data is already on its way, said Muhammad Sohail, head of MIS and Communications at Maroof Hospital.

The attack brought the hospital’s internal operations to a complete halt.

After the attack, the administration was forced to do everything manually. Any patients visiting the hospital during the recovery period, that spanned for a minimum of 12 hours according to our sources, the hospital collected data manually on paper which was then forwarded to concerned doctors and consultants, just like a district government hospital.

Moreover, the entire Radiology and Laboratory department of the hospital was also crippled.

As per our sources, Maroof Hospital was using the Hospital Information System (HIS) for digitally storing and organizing medical records, developed by the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH).

This incident goes on to show the importance of data security in these modern times. All organizations need to employ specialist data security personnel in order to avoid such incidents and protect their’s clients’ data.

Source: Pro Pakistani