Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani

August 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: A war was underway between ideology and materialism in the world. America and countries in the NATO alliance are once against at work to give an opportunity to Northern Alliance in Afghanistan.

He expressed these views while speaking to JUI delegation headed by Abdul Ali Kakar and during his telephonic talks with former provincial minister Ghulam Jan Baloch Monday.

He said development work carried out JUI in any area was present on the record. But on May 11 the way we were defeated is part of a conspiracy so that for change in Afghanistan assistance of Pakistan’s nationalists could be sought.

He said a war was going on between ideology and materialism in the world and silence of some of our Islamic countries in this regard is regrettable.

Maulana Sherani said America always tried to establish its hegemony over the world but it faced utter failure. He said peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan is in interest of two countries. They should cooperate with each other. He said America and NATO allies are once again conspiring to give another opportunity to Northern Alliance. He said it is unfortunate we do not speak truth. It has become the most difficult by now. It any politician or ruler speaks truth problems are there for them. But it is demand of time to support truth by facing all difficulties.