Meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Conference on Foreign Affairs

October 9, 2018 Off By Web Desk

The Inter-Ministerial Conference on Foreign Affairs decided today, under the chairmanship of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Didier Reynders, to establish a technical working group to discuss uncertainties pertaining to the status of some Belgian schools abroad – including Belgian schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This working group will be composed of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the Communities. Other departments of the federal administration will also be associated.

The Ministers debated also about European issues, including the Brexit negotiations. According to the Inter-Ministerial Conference, the necessary measures must be taken to prepare for the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The Inter-Ministerial Conference wishes to reach an ambitious relationship with the United Kingdom, based on a far-reaching collaboration including amongst others an efficient customs collaboration.

The Inter-ministerial Conference on Foreign Affairs is presided over by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It brings together representatives of the Federal State and of the governments of federate entities to discuss Foreign Affairs issues.

Source: Embassy of Belgium in Pakistan