Minister for petroleum and natural resources visits GSP

April 30, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Sohail Wajahat Sidduqui, here visited Geosciences Advance Research Laboratories, Geological Survey of Pakistan GSP and chaired a meeting of geoscientists. The meeting was attended by former Director Generals and former Deputy Director Generals of GSP.

The presentation by incumbent Director General, Geological Survey of Pakistan covered a wide range of subjects for the Sustainable Development of Mineral Sector of Pakistan. Mr. Sidduqui constituted a committee of Think Tanks comprising former Director Generals of GSP. Mr. WaheedudDin Ahmed, former Director General of GSP was elected as Chairman of the committee and Dr. Imran Khan, the present Director General, GSP as its Secretary.

The task assigned to the committee is to monitor technical activities and to prepare the Road Map for the sustainable development of the mineral sector of Pakistan. The Minister directed the GSP to convert the department into a profitable attractive organization for 5 years and 10 years work plan. The aim is to enable the mineral sector to contribute to national GDP.

The Minister further said that the policies and issues related to the mineral policy and departmental matters may be vetted first by the committee and subsequently by the Minister. The Minister further said we should look ahead to solve the issues ourselves. The Minister also showed interest to participate in the meetings held by the committee as and when called by the Chairman. The final document vetted by the board will be presented to Prime Minister and President of Pakistan for implementation.