Moroccan King condemns London terrorist attack

June 6, 2017 Off By Web Desk

Rabat (IINA) � Moroccan King Mohammed has sent messages of solidarity and condolences to Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and the British Prime Minister Theresa May after a terrorist attack on Saturday night left seven dead and dozens injured in central London.

In his messages to both the Prime Minister and the Queen, the King condemned the attacks and expressed the solidarity of the Kingdom of Morocco with the British people. He also reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to fighting terrorism, Morocco World News reported.

King Mohammed also expressed his condolences to the victims and their families. For those injured, he wished them a speedy recovery.

The message, sent by the King to Queen Elizabeth and released on Sunday, demonstrates the strong ties between the two countries: The King presents to the Queen and, through her, to the families of the grieving victims and the whole British people his deepest condolences and sincere sentiments of compassion.

Saturday’s attack is the third time that the UK has been the victim of terrorism in the last 75 days. The attack began when a van mowed down pedestrians on the London Bridge. Assailants then rushed the London Borough Market with knives before being shot by police officers.

Source: International Islamic News Agency