Mossarat stresses the need for collective wisdom to use mother as an agent

April 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Caretaker Minister for Information and Education, Mossarat Qadeem has stressed the need for collective wisdom to use mother as an agent for moderating extremism in our society.

The intolerance society always weakens the social fabric as it has political, economic, intellectual and psychological ramification. A weak and intolerant society can never stands on its own feet, she added.

This she remarked while addressing a Regional Peace Conference of PAIMAN in collaboration with Institute for Inclusive Security USA at a local hotel in Islamabad on Thursday.

The conference had three sessions and the speakers included Jehangir Ashraf Qazi, ex Ambassador, Miki Jacevic Director Training Institute for inclusive security USA, Akhtar Ali Shah, Chief Special Branch KP, Tahira Bukhari, Senior Program Officer PAIMAN Alumni Trust, Imtiaz Gul writer and journalist, Ms. Hawa Alam and Ms. Sheila Shamim, member of High Peace Council of Afghanistan, Ms. Myra Imran journalist. The participants of the conference agreed that women are the prime victim of violence therefore there should be efforts for their empowerment.

The participants endorsed that women are the real agents in conflict prevention and conflict resolution process. It is regrettable that in the World War-II, 90% victims were soldiers but in today’s intolerant society, innocent people of the same ratio are the victims. They indicated various elements for the intolerance in the society which included illiteracy, increasing poverty, lack of economic opportunities, bar on free expressions, poor governance, lack of social cohesion, radicalization and excess against the vulnerable in the society.

Mossarat Qadeem said that a mother has a critical role to play to remove intolerance and reform the society therefore; it is prerequisite to enhance the education and awareness level of the mother so that she can bring about a visible improvement in the society.

She said it is natural that the mother’s innocence for her kids can never come to an end and even in the worst scenario, she would plead for her kids. If mother is educated and keep an eye on her kids, observe the changes in the behaviour and attitude of her kids, she would be the first to notice and that is the real diagnosing process and at that stage is curable otherwise it gets complicated.

An educated and enlightened woman develops discourse with kids’ moderates and enlightens them and puts in them positive thinking, answers their critical questions and that is the stage where moderation starts and intolerance ends as the lap of mothers is the first step towards durable peace for the whole of society.

He reminded that development and moderation should not be politicized otherwise we would not be able to move forward. Education is an answer to it and tolerance is its basic condition.

The Minister said that educated mother would ultimately guide the family to a positive direction, which would lead to overall development at national level. She said that the present mess is because of the intolerance. The beauty of the world lay in the free expression of opinion and diversity of languages, both should be used for the welfare and development of humanity.

Today we have to ask certain questions, and try to find out appropriate answers to them as to whether we are interested in using education as a tool for welfare and development or creating problems for others and ourselves.

She underlined the role of mass media to play a critical role in educating the women to become a source of moderation in the society. She also stressed for the collective role of the government and the civil society for educating women to develop a tolerant and peaceful society.