MPA-elect endorses talent of Lyari youth

May 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Youth of Lyari are not the ones who will leave their ambitions and positive input in the community for just not having enough opportunities in the area but they will create opportunities for themselves and will continue to bring positive change in the society.

These views about Lyariites were shared by the PPP’s newly elected Member of Provincial Assembly from PS109, Saniya Naz, at the inauguration ceremony of Lyari Youth Café here. Naz encouraged the young blood of Lyari. Lyari Youth Café has been designed and established by ARM Child and Youth Welfare and Karachi Youth Initiative KYI in Lyari area of the metropolis.

The newly elected MPA showed complete confidence in young men and women of Lyari and coined them as the ambassadors of peace and prosperity not only for Karachi but for the whole country.

She said, “The future of Lyari is bright since we have a bunch of talented and hardworking youth in the area. They will prove their talent and skills in any circumstances.”

“Youth of Lyari will continue to showcase their talent and enthusiasm as they have done in the past at number of occasions,” she added while referring to many immensely talented footballers, boxers and politicians who strived even in the absence of ample opportunities and facilities in the area and represented Pakistan at international level.

The General Secretary of the ARM Child and Youth Welfare, Sohail Rahi, highlighted that young men and women of Lyari are not less talented than people of any other areas in Karachi but unfortunately they are short of opportunities and facilities. For catering to this need, Lyari Youth Café has been established where Lyariites will come and interact with one another for exchanging views, experiences and ideas and discussing their problems, he added.

The KYI Spokesman, Farhan Iqbal, stated, “Lyari Youth Café will serve for the youth of Lyari as a common platform where they can engage in positive and constructive activities which will eventually lead to the progress of Lyari.”

A large audience attended the inauguration ceremony including local dignitaries and young men and women and their parents. They welcomed the establishment of Lyari Youth Café as this was the long awaited need of the area.

Youth of Lyari also showed their talent and performed tableaus and a theatre at the ceremony which conveyed the message of love, peace and tolerance.