Munawwar Hassan- Press

April 8, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Political parties pave way for holding elections by finding out solution to missing persons, abduction for ransom, target killings, controlling law and order and making atmosphere conducive because people are concerned owing to these difficulties and challenges. Unless there is a conducive atmosphere for polls, holding free and fair elections does not see. Caretaker Government should make efforts to remove hurled in this way. Mere statements cannot satisfy the people.

These views were expressed by Amir Jamaat Islam Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan at a Press conference at Federal Lodge here Monday. Amir JI Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhundzada and others were also present.

He said return of Sardar Mengal to Balochistan and decision to participate in general elections is praise worthy and he welcomes it.

He aid Karachi, FATA and Northern Areas are sensitive areas but statement of federal interior minister is misleading. Duty of Ministry of Interior is not to ring the bell for danger but to take steps to avert dangers. At his press conference interior Minister said that Army would not be deployed. If during the polls anything happens with Army what would happen then. It has hurt feelings of the people.

We are of the view if without deployment of Army matters deteriorated what would happen then. Such statements shake confidence of the people and these should be avoided.

He said our apprehensions and dangers about holding elections exist. He appealed to caretaker governments, Army, Judiciary and political parties to make atmosphere conducive for holding elections. They should find solution to control law and order, missing persons, abduction for ransom, target killing incidents because people are also concerned about these difficulties and challenges. Unless there are resolve peaceful and positive atmosphere would not be created. Interim government should take measures in this regard.

He aid America has announced to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014 still he wants to leave 40 thousand troops there. She said these troops were not for war. It is being done to save Karzai government. He aid America wants to bring such government in Pakistan as could ensure its policy of Do More.

He said Balochistan budget was made budget of members. He said Balochistan Government should be court martial. People must not vote such people.

He said he has proposed to Akhtar Mengal to call All Parties conference so that problems confronting by him should be discussed.

Answering a question he said JI Has not made election alliance with any party but talks are underway with PNLN, JUI, Tehreek Insaf and others in the country.