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April 8, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Recovery of missing persons is must for holding transparent elections in Balochistan. Announcement of mainstream parties to participate in general elections is good. It is not hidden to any one that conditions for polls should be are not prevailing here. Missing persons should be recovered and people’s confidence should be built.

This was stated by Amir Jamaat Islami Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan at a Press conference after his meeting with Sardar Akhtar Mengal at his residence here Monday.

Sardar Mengal and Munawwar Hassan exchanged views at their meeting about political situation and coming election in Balochistan.

Amir JI said revelations of Sardar Mengal are very grave because relatives of missing persons are anxious to meet them. We have been raising voice in this regard for years together but they were not recovered yet.

He said holding of elections in Balochistan is must because elected representatives would play their role for recovery of missing persons.

Akhtar Mengal speaking on the occasion said Syed Munawwar Hassan paid visit to his residence for which he was thankful to him. He aid views on in situation country and Balochistan and elections were exchanged. He discussed his apprehensions which he had expressed to Election Commission. He said by acts of rulers it does not seem transparent elections will be held in Balochistan.

He said incident took with him yesterday and people involved in it were handed over to police. He aid rulers said there were three Sardars in Balochistan and only one is left who was causing problems.

He aid missing persons were being used for seeking votes. It should be well guessed how free and fair elections would be held, he added.