Muslim leaders in New York seek to dispel myths about faith

July 17, 2017 Off By Web Desk

New York (IINA) – Westchester Coalition against Islamophobia hosts a discussion in New York with two local Muslim leaders called “Countering Islamophobia in order to clear misconceptions about Islam.”

Mahjabeen Hassan, a physician, and chairwoman of the American Muslim Women’s Association, and Khusro Elley, a trustee of the Upper Westchester Muslim Society, spoke about Islamophobia as part of a community conversation hosted by the Westchester Coalition Against Islamophobia on Sunday afternoon.

The Westchester Coalition Against Islamophobia is a grassroots association whose members oppose bigotry and hold events to spark conversations and dispel myths about the Muslim faith, The Journal News reported.

At Sunday’s event, both people spoke for 20 minutes about their personal experiences, background in the faith and some of the misconceptions they have encountered about Islam, and then fielded questions from the audience.

For Mahjabeen Hassan, one of the biggest challenges and opportunities of speaking to groups of people about her faith, Islam is the efforts to reach individuals who have already closed their minds about the religion and its misperceptions.

Speaking to a room of about 50 people, Hassan said to the group: If you can reach two people, who you know who you are, friends with who you think have a closed mind, then my coming here today and talking to all of you is more important than you can imagine.

Today’s event is opening up a dialogue for misconceptions about Islam because you see a rising trend in Islamophobia and we feel that people should have an opportunity to ask questions, to meet with Muslims and non-Muslims, Elley said.

Source: International Islamic News Agency