Mysterious viral disease perish several cattle in Thatta district

June 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Thatta, Sindh: The outbreak of a mysterious disease has been reported from Kohistan area of Jungshahi and Kalri union council of Thatta district that has perished a number of livestock heads during last few days.

The livestock owners told that scars on the body of animals are found at the initial stage that later turn into wounds. The cattle stop taking any fodder and die within few days.

Cattle owners Faiz Muhammad Sarki and Muhammad Hallo told that they tried their best to treat the animals but all in vain. According to them no team of livestock or animal husbandry department has visited so far to this area.

Meanwhile, veterinary doctor Muhammad Ali of Thatta veterinary hospital described it a viral disease called Black Quarter that has erupted after 12 years. He said his staff has vaccinating the cattle.