NADRA, NH&MP to introduce e-driving license

May 15, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: NADRA has developed and designed a state of art eDriving License for the National Highways and Motorways police NH&MP, which would ensure security, authenticity and traceability. It would also help the NH&MP in facilitating the applicants in procuring their driver license by reducing the turnaround time.

Speaking on the occasion of the signing ceremony, Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik emphasized that the Highway and Motorway police is endeavouring to facilitate a common man and yet ensures that a driver license is given to only those applicants who go through a proper training process, or are qualified to obtain a driver’s license. This would ensure qualified and safe drivers, thus promoting safety on the roads to reduce accidents.

Highlighting the main feature of the project, Chairman NADRA said, the proposed system would entail a Teslin Card Driver’s License that would facilitate issuance of new drivers’ licenses and renewals. The solution would also ensure registration of applicants and provide information to NH&MP enforcement officers for ensuring security and identification of drivers.

Meanwhile, IG Motorway Zafar Iqbal Lak said the project is aimed at providing a win-win situation for every stakeholder. The citizens will get benefits of eDriving License through the use of technology. NH&MP will endeavour to provide the delivery of the Driving License to the applicants.

Lak said The system will minimize errors, such as those created by manual data entry; increase staff productivity and reduce labour content of processing tasks; improve and expedite decision making, such as those decisions that impact the allowance, removal, limitation, or extension of driving privileges.

Chairman NADRA further mentioned that NADRA is working on the system based on greater automation, technology-enabled, streamlined, and end-to-end business processes that will maximize efficiencies, including improving queue management; reducing line/wait-times, minimizing end-to-end processing cycle times. As per plan, the pilot site for the project shall be established in the capital of the country and more sites shall be established all across the country as the project grows.

Both IG NH&MP and Chairman NADRA also announced to work together in implementing the Vehicle Identification Number, in order to eliminate and reduce the use of vehicles for theft, terrorism, crime and other unlawful activities, by launching a solution for registration of vehicles data and issuance of Vehicle Identification Number. The implementation of VIN would subsequently ensure and facilitate Vehicle Tracking System. This step would provide and facilitate all provincial and federal organizations by using the vehicle identification database, on similar lines of the National database of citizens.