Naundero Sugar Mills causes environment pollution

December 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

RATODERO: Naundero Sugar Mills have still not installed required filters in the chimney of their mills which will purify the ash particles that have made the lives of thousands of citizens and guava orchid growers miserable.

The mill authorities are using rice husk as fuel which is much cheaper in place of furnace oil. This is being done to gain higher profit rates but it is against environmental rules. Guava orchids, which are harvested on thousands of acres, are also suffering due to ash particles that are coming out of the chimney during whole night.

Worst affected are those who travel on bikes, tractors, pushcart vendors and donkey carts as the flying ash particles go into their eyes, nostrils and mouths due to which they suffer a lot. Many times the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorities have been informed through written applications by the citizens but they have done nothing so far, ignoring the health hazards being faced by the denizens and area growers.

Siraj-ul-Oliya Rashdi, President, Sindh Chamber of Agriculture, told PPI that the falling of flying ash particles that are emitted from the chimney of Naundero Sugar Mills has rendered the Guava orchid labourers almost blind as they cannot pluck the fruit from the trees.

He said that one of his labourer was operated when ash went into one of his eye and after that he was able to see. Rashdi further said that these particles are poisonous for the mankind not only for the eyes but also for chest and asthmatic patients. He further said that environment has been fully polluted ever since the start of crushing season by the mills administration.

The people of Naundero have demanded of EPA and mill authorities to stop this malpractice and install required equipment forthwith.