Need stressed to further augment Pak-Russia ties

April 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: “Soviet Union was one of the first countries to have welcomed the independence of Pakistan. Both Pakistan and Russian Federation have an excellent potential for vibrant relations”.

These views were expressed by the Counsel General of Russian Federation in Karachi, Dr. Andrey Demidov in a Seminar on “65 Years of Pak-Russian relations” Department held at the International Relations, University of Karachi on 11th April, 2013.

He said that the history of our bilateral political relations saw both: good and not so good. But irrespective of the given state of the then relations both countries always felt the necessity to maintain good contacts. He further added that in the recent years there have been great breakthroughs in the promotion of bilateral relations.

He said that since 2009 we embarked upon a very significant road – annual meetings of the heads of states Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Russia within the framework of the “Dushanbe four”. Those meetings laid foundations to the realization of the regional model for future settlement in Afghanistan. As a result of these talks the relations between Russia and Pakistan became more confidential. The approaches of two parties to the issue of Afghan settlement have become closer.

Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmar of Department of International Relations said in his concluding remarks that both Russia and Pakistan should overcome the bitter past and go beyond paranoia and mistrust. He further added that there should be a viable mechanism for the intensification of bilateral relations. His emphasis was on a renewed process of bilateralism which can ensure win-win situation for both Russia and Pakistan.

The program was followed by a lively question and answer session. Prof. Dr. Moonis Ahmar concluded the program by extending his thanks to the honourable guest speaker and the participants.