No effort made to depoliticise police force: SC

March 8, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday noted that despite its verdict, no effort was made at all to depoliticise police force, assign the task controlling law and order and prevent commission of terrorism.

The court said that no criminal activities were controlled by appointing and posting honest, dedicated, professional and efficient police officers despite our observation. It said that appoinment/posting on contract basis not only in police but in other departments as well, like Additional home secretary etc, have been made.

A five member SC bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and comprising Justices Jawad S Khawaja, Khiliji Arif Hussain, Ijaz Afzal Khan and Amir Hani Muslim was seized with the suo motu proceedings on the Abbas Town bomb blast, at the apex court’s Karachi registry.

Intelligence Bureau IB and Special Branch officials submitted their reports pertaining to the blast before the court. The court said that IB report shows that information about threat of blast was shared with the IG Police and DG Rangers. CJP observed that if such information was shared with the IG police and DG rangers then they are solely responsible for the incident.

The CJP became visibly irked when it was brought to his notice that despite court orders, Sindh chief secretary did not file the reply regarding conduct of AIG Shabbir Shaikh as he was holding charge of CCPO when incident of bombing in Abbas Town took place . The court observed Karachi unrest was result of turf war between different groups but it had been given the name of sectarianism.

The court said: “No one is in attendance on behalf of the interior secretary to submit report of Abbas Town bomb blast, nor reports were submitted by the ISI and MI. Notice may be repeated to interior and the defence secretaries. Copy of this order be handed over to director generals of ISI and MI.

All agencies, ISI, MI etc are responsible for generating intelligence about commission of terrorism. They should also cooperate and develop efficient system to ensure protection to the life of general public.

CJP came down hard on the provincial government as saying that yet victims have not been paid the compensation. The court directed provincial authorities to immediately compensate victims by Friday evening and put up cheque distribution details before it.

Expressing extreme annoyance, the SC said that it had issued detailed verdict on Karachi law and order, but unfortunately none of its part was implemented despite lapse of one year. It said that on Thursday, the bodies of two rangers personnel were recovered, adding they were badly tortured. Talking about the recent operation by rangers in Lyari, the CJP said: “Despite many operations, there are still no-go areas in that locality.”

CJP said that authorities should feel responsibility of ongoing unrest in the city. He said that Islam is a religion of peace and it places great importance on the life of a human being.

The court told the police chief and DG rangers to take substantial measures to protect the life of citizens, adding it would support them.

The acting Inspector General Sindh Police, Ghulam Shabir Sheikh, informed the court that if strength of the police is increased, the situation in the city would improve. He said that for that purpose he needed court orders. To which CJP replied that it was duty of the government, court would not give such orders. The CJP remarked that few officers have held the whole police department hostage.

The SC said that by borrowing funds, prosecution department was established in the province as it deters perpetrators from committing offence. However, it added that weak prosecution helped outlaws in acquitting in serious crime cases in the city.

The CJP said that criminals know that prosecution could not substantiate their offence, therefore, they confidently commit offence.