NP not to boycott polls despite threats: Tahir Bizenjo

May 1, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: Despite attacks, threats, difficulties and hurdles National Party would not boycott elections in any case. We would not repeat the mistake which was committed in 2008 elections.

National party strongly condemns attacks on political parties caravans, houses and election offices. There is no political and moral justification for depriving people of their right to vote at gun point. In our view we can achieve rights over coast and resources through ballot by becoming part of democratic process and developing revolution in the lives of Baloch nation and people of Balochistan and not by bullets.

These views were expressed by Secretary General National Party Tahir Bizenjo while addressing a Press conference here Wednesday.

He said we would continue to promote constructive political thought and democratic trends of Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo a renowned leader. Love to the country and progress and prosperity if our politics and manifesto. We assure people of Balochistan we would not sit in rest so long Balochistan obtains status in Pakistan which it deserves.

He aid extremely bloody Afghan war of human right and presence of millions of Afghan refugees for decades in Balochistan has caused very negative impacts on its society. Growing violence in politics was pushing Balochistan to worst civil war.

To overcome this grave situation it is necessary we all should strongly discourage trend of violence in politics so that province is saved from catastrophe. He aid still unregistered 400, 000 to 800, 000 Afghan refugees are living in Balochistan which 80 percent were registered. Under International rules these Afghans should be kept in camps but they were issued passports and national identity cards and they were doing regular businesses. Situation in Afghanistan is better now therefore these Afghans should be sent to their country. America has also announced to return from Afghanistan by 2014.

He aid we are opposed to violence in politics because it bring destruction. He aid our party would be successful in elections with majority.