OIC representative in Palestine briefed on Jerusalem’s economic conditions

Ramallah Representative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Palestine Ambassador Ahmed Al-Ruwaidi received Chairman of the Business Steering Committee at Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kamal Obeidat, and member of the Committee Naji Odeh at the OIC Representative Office in Ramallah on Wednesday.

Obaidat briefed Al-Ruwaidi on the economic conditions of Jerusalem, especially the suffering of the Old Town merchants, as a result of the Israeli measures, the weak consumer purchasing power amid the policy of closures practiced by the occupation authorities on Jerusalem City. He also briefed the OIC representative about the urgent needs to support the resilience of merchants and shops in Jerusalem Old City.

Obeidat explained the situation of the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was founded in 1936, and the special role assigned to it by the rest of the Palestinian chambers of commerce, given the exceptional circumstances of Jerusalem, which require greater intervention by the Chamber. He underscored the need to support the merchants and various development sectors associated with the development of economic life in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian official noted that the high poverty and unemployment rates in Jerusalem, in particular, make it imperative to develop plans and programs as well as the contribution of donor institutions to enable the Chamber to play its role.

He paid tribute to OIC Secretary General Dr. Yousef Al-Othaimeen and applauded the role of the Organization and its representative in Palestine, in the provision of support to Jerusalem and empowerment of its residents and institutions.

In turn, Ambassador Ruwaidi gave an explanation of the OIC’s role and its working mechanisms, especially in supporting the economic empowerment of the Palestinian people. He said the OIC’s focus on Jerusalem is due to the city’s exceptional situations and special needs to supporting its institutions, particularly the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a drive to economic movement in the city.

Al-Ruwaidi expressed his appreciation of the Business Steering Committee and stressed the need for the Committee to adopt plans and programs to communicate with the various organs of the OIC and its specialized institutions in the field of economic development.

He affirmed the continued efforts of the OIC to enhance the support � provided by the countries, institutions and peoples in the member states as well as through the OIC’s affiliated organs � for the benefit of Jerusalem, the empowerment of the Jerusalemites and preservation of the city’s Arab Islamic identity.

Source: International Islamic News Agency