OIC Sawt Al-Hikma launches Ramadan Campaign to highlight values of tolerance and mercy of Islam

May 22, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Jeddah (UNA-OIC) – The OIC Center for Dialogue, Peace and Understanding (CDPU), with Sawt Al-Hikma (the Voice of Wisdom) as its operational arm, has launched its Ramadan campaign under the name of “Rahmaniyat Ramadan” or Mercies of Ramadan on Twitter and Facebook platforms to highlight the values of tolerance, love, and mercy of Islam, which are manifested in the holy month of Ramadan.

The Sawt Al-Hikma’s “Rahmaniyat Ramadan” campaign is being executed through the posting of texts from noble Hadith and sayings of early scholars that highlight these aspects of worship in the form of posters and graphics image, which could be shared easily on social media outlets.

Ramadan, the month of mercy and forgiveness, has unfortunately been exploited by Daesh and other terrorist outfits recently and turned it into an opportunity for shedding the blood of Muslims and others claiming that the heinous acts will bring them closer to Allah, said Director of the Dialogue and Outreach department of the OIC Dr. Bashir Ansari.

To counter such narratives and promote the values of tolerance, love and mercy which the month of Ramadan has embodied throughout the history of Islam, the Voice of Wisdom Center launched its Ramadan campaign on social media under the name “Rahmaniyat Ramadan” to highlight these values and remind Muslims of them, he added.

The “Rahmaniyat Ramadan” campaign is running on the Voice of Wisdom’s platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet:




The OIC Center for Dialogue, Peace, and Understanding (CDPU), is an important contribution by the OIC in the war against international terrorism and violent extremism. It works through the internet and social media to delegitimize and deconstruct the extremist narratives propagated by terrorist and extremist forces.

Source: International Islamic News Agency