Old system to have changed at all costs, CM

August 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has categorically stated that four days have left in the target given to them for changing the old and dilapidated system inherited from the previous rulers, will get final touches and all the heads of the nation building departments should note that anyone who was found guilty to create hindrance in the delivering of services to the people and involved in corruption would see his fate after the deadline.

He was addressing a jirga of the elite of the area at the Basic Health Centre, Bagh Dheri, and Swat on Monday. The chief minister said after four days, action would be taken against all those who were found guilty of any misconduct with reference to the provision of facilities to the general masses and after that exemplary punishment would be given to them.

He said the present government was facing different types of challenges but it had the capacity to make it a welfare unit. He said the PTI government was also capable to take the province towards development.

The chief minister said they were talking of changing the system and had affirmed that they would do so. He said they would keep superiority of justice and merit above all and were strong to end corruption and mismanagement in the public institutions.

He said they had selected priorities for themselves and the same goals and priorities would be achieved at all cost. He said to cope with the existing challenges in the existing circumstances was a very hard nut to crack. He said the people had their benefits from the old systems as they were production of that system that was why they had come forwards to change the whole system.

He said the coming change in the system could not be blocked on the wishes of some people and called upon the opposition to change their thoughts. He also urged the people to coordinate with the government in its efforts of bringing change and be firm that the change would come at all cost.

He said the people had voted them for the purpose to provide them justice and end to corruption and mismanagement. He said they had been voted for making the public bodies subdue to the general masses and work according to their wishes.

He said they were taking the education as the basic right of the people and would work for the betterment of the sector for the larger interests of the people as well. He said the standard of the public sector schools would be made better.

The chief minister said availability of doctors, paramedics and provision of medicines in the hospitals would be ensured at all cost. He said they would construct buildings but their main focus would be to serve the people.

He called upon the people to stand firm against the looters and thieves and got rid of them. He urged the people to make aware the government of the weaknesses they noticed in the public sector institutions so that proper action could be taken in that direction.

The chief minister said the menace of corruption had destroyed the whole set up and all their efforts were focused on the overall change in the system He appealed to the people to identify all the wrong practices they observed in the public bodies and inform the complaint cell established in the CM secretariat.

He said he was anxious to listen to that type of slogans in which the people demand facilities not for themselves but for the poor and that was the only way of stability and main goal.