PA and MNA differences in Khyber

December 17, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: The cold war between PA Khyber and tribal MNA gets faster. PA Khyber is alleged for thwarting MNA’s agenda for reforms in the system. PA Khyber enjoys the upper hand so far to prolong his tenure as Khyber administrator despite strong opposition from elected tribal representatives. Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also reportedly failed to replace PA Khyber with an efficient one.

The cold war between the two has been kept secret by both sides to let the middle men reach any reconciliation between the two powerful personalities of Khyber, but in vain as prejudice prevails high in the affairs of the two influential. PA Khyber Agency Motahir Zaib has reportedly parried every attempt by the tribal MNA Alhaj Shah Jee Gul to post him out of Khyber, internal sources informed this scribe.

The main tussle between MNA Shah Jee Gul and PA Khyber Motahir Zaib reportedly surfaced when MNA asked him to check wide spread corruption on the check posts of Khyber Khasadar Force from Takhta Baig to Torkham so that transporters could no more be harassed. PA Khyber after his pressure dismantled two additional check posts of Changai and Ziarai but that could not pacify the anger of the tribal MNA.

It was also learnt that recently PA Khyber did not meet MNA when he wished to meet him in his office at Khyber House though he was reportedly available in his office, which further angered the MNA.

Some months back MNA had warned to speak against PA Khyber on the floor of the house to force the government to forthwith remove him but as per the sources MNA Nasir Khan intervened to settle the misunderstanding between the two. Some day’s back PA Khyber approved second shift classes in Landikotal Degree College and announced one million aids for the college through a program held in Landikotal collage in which the MNA and his supporters were sidelined. The elected MNA has so far avoided discussing his differences with the top administrator of Khyber Agency in public forums and media.

To counter the pressure built by MNA, PA Khyber started appearing on a private TV to defend his role. The Khyber Agency

based political figures have strongly criticized PA Khyber for his failure to resolve public problems and grievances, saying that PA Khyber has violated government rules and instructions by taking parts in a TV talk show to throw dust into the minds of the people and vindicate charges of corruption against him, adding that political administration has done nothing from its funds for the welfare of the needy people. MNA’ s version was sought but could not receive till filing this story.