PIA Hajj operation continues smoothly

September 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: PIA has so far operated 84 Pre Hajj Flights and carried around 34,000 intending Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia with on time flight departures and arrivals. PIA spokesman said here on Thursday.

Pakistan International Airlines on the eighteenth day of its Pre-Hajj Operation operated five Hajj flights carrying around 2,000 intending pilgrims to the Holy Land. On Thursday, PIA flight from Islamabad PK 2133 carried 503 intending pilgrims, from Peshawar PK 2633 carried 329 intending pilgrims, from Peshawar PK 2035 carried 329 pilgrims, from Multan PK 2333 carried 503 and from Quetta PK 2735 carried 329 intending pilgrims to the holy land.

All departures and arrivals of PIA Pre-Hajj flights are on time. PIA has so far operated 84 Pre-Hajj flights to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan and has carried 34,000 intending pilgrims.

PIA has operated 10 Hajj flights from Karachi carrying 4,409 intending pilgrims, 09 flights from Lahore with 4,457 intending pilgrims; 12 flights from Islamabad with 5,816 pilgrims; 26 flights from Peshawar with 8,776 pilgrims; 15 flights from Quetta carrying 4,921 and 11 flights from Multan carrying 5,523 intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

On Friday, 27th September, a total of 06 flights are scheduled to operate; 02 from Peshawar, 02 from Quetta and 01 each from Islamabad and Multan.