PIMA starts medical relief activities

August 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association PIMA has started medical relief activities for flood victims in Punjab. PIMA’s volunteer doctors providing medical assistance through mobile clinics in Sialkot and Rajanpur. Dr Muhammad Shafqat Javed, director PIMA relief said in a statement that PIMA is the largest medical relief organization and actively involved in relief work for flood affectees since day one.

“Our volunteer doctors are holding mobile clinics in worst flood affected areas and provided medical assistance to about 3121 patients till now. Free of cost medicine worth of 0.32 million provided to the affectees.

He said that there is a threat of diseases specially related to skin, gastro and stomach, as water has stopped on a large area in flood affected districts. Also due to a large number of mosquitoes, patients of malaria have been increasing. PIMA is striving to combat these diseases through its medical camps in these areas.