Poor diet in Ramzan can pose grave health risks

May 12, 2019 Off By Web Desk

Medical expert have warned that poor diet and lifestyle during Ramzan can pose grave health risks to fasting Muslims.

Clinical dietician Dr Zubair Noman said meals during Ramzan are divided into four parts Iftar, after Taraweeh prayers, midnight and Sehri.

It is common to have Iftar full of flavoured dishes as it can include food choices from both lunch and dinner but it should still be a healthy meal and overeating should be avoided.

The Sehri meal is considered the ‘musthave’ main meal in order to avoid hunger during fasting hours. Proteins, oils and complex carbohydrates are the best choices for Sehar.

For Iftar, he advised eating plenty of vegetables to get the required vitamins and nutrients.

Source: Radio Pakistan