Potholes on newly constructed street

May 22, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A newly constructed street in Saddar town developed potholes within a couple of months of its completion due to the use of substandard material.

The street connecting Sobhraj Maternity Hospital to Burns Road was constructed this year before the general elections; however, it has again gone deteriorated, wasting money spent on it. Presently potholes have surfaced on it just before the gate of new building of the Sobhraj Maternity Hospital, giving the area a poor look and foul smell.

The underground drainage system of this area was renewed last year; however, gutters in the area are often found overflowing, another factor of quick wearing and tearing of streets. This area often witness development works including drainage lines and street pavements, but these civil works often go short lived due to use of substandard material.

Hundreds of women and children visiting the Sobhraj Maternity Hospital face a lot of problems due to gutter-water inundated streets. The citizens have requested the concerned authorities to take notice of the situation, order inquiry into use of substandard material in development project and ensure early repair of the broken street with use of standard material.