PPP leader criticizes disconnection of electricity to PSM

July 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan Peoples Party PPP Sindh General Secretary Taj Haider has strongly criticized the disconnection of electricity of Pakistan Steel Mills.

In a press statement here Thursday Taj Haider said that the disconnection is part of the larger conspiracy of privatizing this national institution built by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

He pointed out that almost all processes in the Steel Mills are continuous processes whose start up time can take 2/3 days. Disconnection of electricity has caused very high losses since the processes have been stopped in the middle and the materials have gone waste. Also that heavy cost will be incurred in starting up the processes once again.

Taj Haider reminded that Pakistan Steel Mills had its own 160MW power plant running on gas turbine. This power plant besides meeting the requirements of the Steel Mills had also been selling electricity to KESC grid. Non-supply of gas in gross violation of Article 158 of the Constitution which gives priority of use to the province where well heads are located has resulted in the closure of this power plant and the Steel Mills have had to buy electricity from KESC, instead of selling it to the KESC.

Taj Haider demanded the immediate restoration of supply of electricity and supply of needed gas to the Steel Mills power plant.

He warned the government that Pakistan Peoples Party shall by all means at its disposal resist the privatization of this key national project.