President PML speaks

April 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

ZHOB: We reject hypocritic politics of division of people of Zhob and to lay basis for progress and prosperity of this city.

This was stated by President PML Balochistan and a candidate on NA and PA seat from Zhob Shaikh Jaffar Mandokhel while speaking a gathering at Janan House here Thursday.

A noted leader of Awami national Party and tribal motabar Sardar Bacha Khan Nassar and his large number of supporters from Nassar tribe announced to join PML.

Sardar Bacha Khan said that he was joining PML after quitting ANP. He said hundreds of Nassar tribesmen were also announcing support for Jaffar Mandokhel for progress and prosperity of Zhob. He said we are extending congratulations to Jaffar Mandokhel today for his marvellous success.

Jaffar Mandokhel said to him all nations and citizens in Zhob have equal rights. He never adopted politics of difference and discrimination. However some forces were creating chaos among the people. Infact these are those who kept Zhob backward and transferred development projects to other districts.

Welcoming Sardar Bacha Khan and his supporters into PML folds he said he congratulated them.

Former federal minister Senator Saeedul Hassan Mandokhel and Senator Humayun Mandokhel congratulating Bacha Khan Nassar and his supporters said that people of Zhob would use their votes in favour of Jaffar Mandokhel on May 11 and strengthen struggle for development of the area.