President PMLN Balochistan

March 20, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: We would fight for rights of Balch from the parliament. If came to power through people’s votes, steps would be take for resolving Balochistan problem at priority. No one can impose its ideology upon us by force.

This was stated by President PMLN Sardar Sanaullah Zehri at a crowded Press conference here Wednesday.

Central leader Lt General R Abdul Qadir Baloch, Lashkari Raisani, Khudai Noor, Jamal Shah Kakar and others were also present.

PPP Central leader Dashti Khan Jattak and his large number of supporters announced to quit the party and joined PMLN.

Sardar Zehri said we discard names suggested by different parties for caretaker government. Consultation with Opposition leader and other parties in Balochistan was underway for holding free and fair elections in the province. Such a personality would be inducted whose past is stainless and proves a good sign in future.

He said it is desire of Party Chief Nawaz Sharif soon after getting power we should first resolve Balochistan problem and make this province hub of party after Punjab.

He said with joining of Dashti Kan Jattak party would be strengthened. It is demand of time more and more people should join party to strengthen its hands.

Answering a question that militants have threatened to politicians, he said Baloch Parliamentarians belonging to PMLN would effort to secure rights. He said no one has any right to impose his decision upon others by force.

Dashti Khan Jattak and others speaking on the occasion said that we always rendered sacrifices for PPP but present party leadership did not support us during difficult time.