Protection of children’s rights urged

November 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Children’s rights is an important issue and all stakeholders including parents, teachers, government and society should play their due role to protect them, said deputy speaker of Sindh Assembly Syeda Shehla Raza, addressing a ceremony in connection with Universal Children Day at the Sindh Assembly premises on Tuesday.

She emphasized on the proper enforcement and implementations of children rights and to take action against the offenders causing violence and discrimination against children in the country.

Madadgaar National Helpline president Zia Ahmed Awan said in year 2012, his hipline reordered 6444 cases of violence against children in Pakistan. He said last year 1113 children were murdered, 582 kidnapped, 246 sodomized, 455 sexually assaulted, 330 raped and 235 trafficked.

He condemned various crimes against children including discriminatory behaviour, corporal punishment, bereft of education, forced labour, physically abuse, lack of health facilities, negligence of health care, poverty, missing, kidnapping, sexual abuse, murder, child marriage, self interest decisions taken by Jirga system against welfare of children, honour killing, police torture, beggary mafia and drug victims.

He asked education must be promoted and action must be taken in relation to discrimination and abuse against the responsible person in educational institutions. The government should provide free and compulsory education for the citizens especially for those who cannot afford education for their children. Hence regarding this, action must be then taken who do not send their children to school.