Rally in support of Jirga-condemned journalist

November 3, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Daharki, Sindh: A large number of citizens and journalists staged a rally here in solidarity of a Jirga-condemned journalist, Sikandar Ali Bhutto. Sikandar Ali Bhutto was declared a ‘Karo’ by a tribal jirga after he published news about a woman, Shahnaz Bhutto, who was later murdered as ‘Kari’.

Local journalists Shams Bhutto, Sadiq Leghari, Ramzan Peerzado , Rizwan Ali , Barkat Shar, Ramesh Kumar, Imran Asif and Azam Suhriyani also participated in the rally and demanded arrest of the Jirga members who declared Sikandar Ali Bhutto as Karo, liable to be murdered under honour killing.

Members of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, JSQM, Takhlique Foundation, LAAT Human Development NGO, PML-N and PML-F also participated in the rally.