Relations between Thailand and Pakistan close and cordial, Envoy

December 4, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: The Ambassador of Thailand Mr Tomwit Jarnson has said that Thailand and Pakistan have long enjoyed close and cordial bilateral relations as this year we celebrate 61 years of our diplomatic ties.

He stated this in his message on the occasion of 86th birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

The Ambassador opined that the contact between the two countries actually began much earlier than that. Both Pakistan and Thailand have age-old histories of ancient civilization and were connected by a common cultural linkage through Gandhara civilization that flourished in the city of Taxila.

”Now Thailand has the Look West Policy and Pakistan has the Vision East Asia Policy. He said there have been a number of high-level visits. This year alone our two Prime Ministers met twice, in August here in Islamabad and in November in Bangkok.

This has heralded a new era in our dynamic bilateral cooperation and elevated our bilateral link to a higher level never before achieved, he said

He said as Ambassador of Thailand to Pakistan, ”I am delighted to see our bilateral ties growing from strength to strength. I am also desirous to see more people-to-people interactions and remain committed to promoting and deepening our collaboration in as many dimensions as possible to reflect our long-standing and unique bilateral ties”

The Ambassador said ”It is my great pleasure to have an opportunity to address our Pakistani friends . And, its is a very special day for the entire Thai nation, as it is His Majesty king Bhumibol Adulyadejs Royal Birthday.

”On behalf of the Royal Thai Embassy’s staff and the Thai community in Pakistan, I would like to invite all friends of Thailand to join me in wishing His Majesty the King good health as well as in celebrating together the glory of His Majesty the Kings life time achievement in promoting sustainable development, as reflected in hundreds of His Royal Initiative development projects ranging from rain-making, irrigation, education, environmental conservation to poverty alleviation and human capacity building.

All these projects have benefitted millions of people living in Thailand and beyond”,he added..

Thai Envoy said ”His Majesty acceded to the throne in 1946 and is currently the worlds longest reigning Monarch. He is our Development King and our Visionary Thinker. His Majesty the King has dedicated himself to development projects and worked tirelessly for the well-beings of Thais for more than six decades.

This is reflected in hundreds of His Majesty’s Royal Initiatives such as rain-making, irrigation, public health, education, environmental conservation, poverty alleviation to human capacity building. His Majesty has always been in touch with His people.

His Majesty’s renowned philosophy on sustainable development popularly known as self- sufficiency economy- is aimed at promoting living in harmony with nature and has been put into practice first in Thailand and has subsequently become recognized internationally as highly pragmatic. The UN Human Development Life Time Achievement Award presented to His Majesty in 2006 exemplifies his success, especially his unfaltering devotion to improving the living standard of millions of people, the Ambassador added.