Restoration of Sibi-Harnai section in doldrums

September 6, 2013 Off By Web Desk

SIBI: Repair and restoration of Sibi-Harnai section of Pakistan Railways lies in doldrums due to non availability of funds. Railways was suffering billions of Rupees loss due to closure of this section closed for the period 7 year and 8 months.

According to details during British rule a plan was made to mobilize resources including minerals, agri produce through rail. High mountains were cut and rail track was laid. In 1948, three hundred Kilometres Sibi-Harnai passing through Nakus, Shahragh, Khost made history. It surprised the world.

Harnai is rich in resources such as minerals. Thousands of tonnes of coal is transported by train to different parts of country. Due to closure of Harnai-Sibi section supply was stopped and railways was suffering Rupees 500 million daily loss.

In January 2006, terrorists damaged 5 bridges and track by exploding them. After that railway service was suspended which is closed till today. It was not repaired and restored till today.

Railways sources told that repair of bridges and track on this section was completed few years ago and it was estimated at Rupee s900 million. If Federal government ensures provision of funds, this section can be restored within 9 months.

After coming into power people of Sibi, Harnai and others are hopeful that due to their leadership this section can be restored if serious attention is paid.