Revenue dept accused of helping land mafia grabbing 26000 acres of KWSB land

May 23, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB here Thursday charged that the Sindh Revenue Department was assisting land mafia of Karachi that has already grabbed 26000 acres of precious land of the board.

A KW&SB release claimed that revenue authorities are helping land mafia to illegally acquire 26 thousand acres of land allocated for Karachi Water & Sewerage Board development schemes. These schemes are stretched from Dhabeji to Baldia Town. The Revenue authorities are also allotting these strategically important lands without any consent of the board.

Whereas, on the other hand despite KWSB’s repeated submission of digitalized summary and report to Government of Sindh, Member Board of Revenue, Commissioner Karachi and other concerned authorities no action has been taken by the Higher Revenue officials yet. Revenue Officials have been reminded about protection of land, illegal allotments and recovery of illegally possessed lands time and again but to no avail.

Deciding to take action on the matter Managing Director KWSB Misbahuddin Farid formulated a 5 member team to monitor and protect 26 thousand acres of land allocated to KW&SB. Deputy Managing Director Technical Services Iftikhar Ahmed Khan would be the Convener of the committee whereas rest of the committee comprises of concerned zonal Chief Engineer, Chief Engineer Water Trunk Main, Director Legal Affairs and Superintendent Engineer Water Trunk Main.

Committee would not only monitor KW&SB lands and assets it would also recover lands possessed illegally with the help of Administration and Police Officials. It would also be responsible for eliminating all illegal nurseries at the Trunk Mains, disconnect all illegal connections taken for these nurseries, launching FIR and perusal for legal prosecution. Moreover, with the help of Law Enforcement Agencies it would also take action against Illegal Hydrants in the city and wipe out all illegal hydrants operating throughout the city.

Furthermore, committee would pursue legal course for recovery of vital developmental KWSB lands through launching FIRs in concerned stations and all other measures. A report would be submitted at the M.D Secretariat after 15 days. This committee would also be responsible for monitoring valve operation schedules to ensure just fair supply to all areas. It would take strict action against any negligent officers or staff.