Revenue recovery sought to stabilize KWSB

July 16, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB Misbahuddin Farid has directed Deputy Managing Director Revenue, all Directors and Deputy Directors to ensure that deficit in the revenue for year 20122013 is covered next fiscal year to ensure that KWSB stabilizes financially.

Revenue Department is backbone of any institution and it is vital that officers of KWSB work hard with honesty and play their part in economic stability of the institution, Farid added. There is A huge margin of increase in revenue and Directors, Deputy Directors must coordinate with their Inspectors and enquire about their progress. He directed that officers and staff must ensure full attendance during Ramadan.

Directors and Deputy Directors must carry out visits to their zones and pay special attention to the total number of Tax Units in their areas. They must ensure that officers distribute KWSB bills in the areas where the payment ratio is low or nil. Officers must change their field work timings in Ramadan to after iftar and ensure that all tasks are performed properly, stated MD KWSB.

He said that due to rapid increase in the population of Karachi and construction of multi-storey buildings, the infrastructure is under immense pressure. On the other hand, citizens of Karachi neither use water with caution nor take any precautions as to where they are dumping their garbage causing KWSB sewerage system to be choked by plastic bags and plastic mineral water bottles, he added.

He said that KWSB is a public service institution, so it is our job to facilitate citizens, however, wasting water causes damage at national level. He said that governments throughout the world are striving to secure water supply resources but citizens of Karachi with their complete ignorance towards the reality use filtered and chlorinated supply to produce bogus mineral water, washing cars lavishly and other useless lavish purposes. It has been observed that citizens keep their water tap on while washing cars and gardening.

Farid requested citizens of Karachi to understand their responsibility, not to waste water and pay their bills in order to help KWSB serve them better. He requested Kachi Abadies, multi-storey plazas, marriage lawns, hotels and restaurants to come to tax net themselves before the Default Revenue Generation Cell disconnects them from KWSB system and takes action under Revenue Act.

He said that KWSB is providing these facilities at very low charges and we can improve the services if citizens understand their duty and pay their bills on time.