Revolutionary steps to bring ” change in health and education’ in KP

June 17, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Government which formed with the aim to bring change in education and health sector has introduced various steps for improvement of education and health sector.

Government has allocated Rs 600 million for establishment of comprehensive Monitoring System whereas Rs 20 million has been reserved for Joint Education Advisory Commission.

Under “Story Da Pukhtunkhwa” Program, Government has decided to give stipend of Rs 10 and 15 to 20 boys and girls first position older F.SC, F.SC, DBA, and DAE.

Government has allocated Rs 360 million for this purpose.

Rs. 200 per month per girl scholarship in selected districts to enhance girls’ admission in schools: Rs 100 million.

‘Chief Minister’s Endowment Fund’ for sponsoring higher education of needy student: Rs 500 million.

Expansion of Rokhana Pakhtunkhwa Program: Rs 800 million.

‘Iqra Education Promotion Scheme’ for poor children: Rs 500 million.

‘Education Fund’ for establishing private school in areas where public schools do exist: Rs 500 million.

Financial incentives to female Administrative Officers posted in unattractive districts: Rs 15 million.

While in health Government has decided to introduce revolution steps include:

Health Insurance Scheme for 20% poor against fatal diseases in selected districts: Rs 500 million.

‘Insulin For Life’ initiative for poor patients of Diabetes: Rs 25 million.

Special initiative on parental health Care for poor women in 10 deserving districts for which Rs 300 million have been reserved.

To control death ratio of children special financial incentives for immunization course to poor in 10 deserving districts for. Rs 1000 will be given to each family for completion of the immunization course to their children. Government has reserved Rs 200 million for this purpose in the fiscal budget of 201314. up scaling of emergency wards in all District Headquarter Hospitals for which government has reserved Rs 1 billion.

Professional Administrative Unites in all tertiary hospitals in the province.

Establishment of Comprehensive Referral System in the Province.

Cancer and Hepatitis Treatment for poor Rs 675 million have been reserved for this purpose.

Integrated Vertical Program for consolidation of health institutions for which Rs 7.99 billion have been reserved.