Risk of catching pneumonia higher in winter, expert

November 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: President Infection Control Society of Pakistan Dr Muhammad Rafeeq Khanani said on Wednesday that the risk of catching Pneumonia infectious increase by four times with start of every winter season in children and elderly people.

He told PPI here that risk of some infectious disease increases every year with the start of winter season like pneumonia and skin diseases; however, the cases of diarrhea, malaria and dengue decline in this season.

He said most of children and elderly people cover their bodies by wearing jackets and sweaters during winter, but they do not cover their face which increases the risk of pneumonia among them due to cold wind. He said people who suffer from asthma disease may also face respiratory issues and complications in this season.

He said skins diseases are also common in winter season due to cold winds as compared to summer and such diseases generally develop in women. He said uses of cold creams and lotions will help to decrease the dryness of skin. He urged the people to use quality products to minimize the ratio of developing complicated skin ailments.

He informed that cold weather also delays the wound healing process and recovery period of patients, especially those suffering from diabetes. He urged the people to adopt preventatives measures to save them from such complications.

Dr Khanani advised the people to avoid exposure in harsh winter season and properly cover their faces while going outsides in order to save them from cold winds. He said use of cold creams and lotions minimizes the dryness of body. He said people who are surfing from diabetes need special care and should consult specialist doctors to avoid weather-related complications.