Robleh: UNA accomplishes key steps in implementing its development vision

November 20, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Director General of the Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA) Issa Khaireh Robleh said that the Union has actively engaged in carrying out the general agenda of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

He made the remarks while addressing the celebrations marking the first anniversary of the transformation of the International Islamic News Agency (IINA) into UNA, held at Sofitel Jeddah Corniche on Sunday. Robleh added that the Union has taken the advantage of the strong push following its emergence as an umbrella of the joint Islamic action in the field of media, as well as a coordinator between the member news agencies.

As long as media is a priority area for the OIC Program of Action � as the most important tool in communication and shaping public opinion � most of the burden to accomplish the goals of the Organization in this area undoubtedly rests on shoulders of the Union, Robleh said, pointing out that the Union is the specialized institution established by the OIC to be its media wing.

The director general noted that the Union assumes responsibility to defend and sensitize the issues of the Islamic world, particularly the cause of Palestine and Jerusalem. He said that the attempts to distort the efforts of Islamic countries and the use of media in promoting the rhetoric of violence and extremism prove the urgent need for the responsible speech adopted by the Union, explaining that the Union, enlightened by the Charter of the OIC and its lofty objectives, seeks to promote and empower the responsible media in the Islamic media institutions.

Robleh highlighted the Union’s achievements since the launch of its new functions, saying that these achievements are shining signs in the way towards the full implementation of UNA development vision. These include the launch of UNA news exchange platform among member news agencies in the three official languages of the OIC (Arabic, English and French), the visits of media delegations from official news agencies to Tunisia and Azerbaijan, and the inauguration of UNA Training Center, which has held a large number of training courses and programs since October 2017.

In the field of joint Islamic action, he said UNA has signed a cooperation program with Islamic organizations and bodies such as the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). The program includes organizing forums, workshops and training courses for the staffers of the news agencies in member states, as well as special programs to activate the role of agencies in preserving heritage. It also includes organizing periodic conferences that bring together editorial directors and officials from member news agencies with their counterparts in European countries to coordinate efforts to address stereotypes, combat the discourse of extremism, hatred and Islamophobia. This is in addition to the issuance of UNA Magazine.

Robleh praised Saudi Arabia’s unlimited support for the Union to achieve its vision, saying that the Saudi leadership has been keen to promote Islamic solidarity. He added that the Kingdom devotes all its economic and political potential and its great moral capital, as a Qibla for Muslims, to support the issues of the Islamic world and build a better future for the Muslim peoples.

Source: International Islamic News Agency