Sardar Akhtar Mengal

May 14, 2013 Off By Web Desk

QUETTA: President Balochistan national party Sardar Akhtar Mengal has said he had taken part in general elections to discard impression Baloch nationalist do not involve in democratic process. But results of seats on which his party candidates were gaining success were deliberately stopped. Forces ruling the country for the last 65 years would never respect people’s mandate.

Speaking to foreign media Akhtar Mengal a former Balochistan Chief Minister said nationalist parties have always been accused of not giving their points of view in democratic manner. To rule out this impression we took part in elections and sought ballot’s assistance. He said it was aimed at respecting people’s mandate but he has left with no option either to face bullet from the government or to support extremists.

He said on NA 269 party candidate Rauf Mengal was leading with 22 thousand votes over other candidates but result of this constituency and PB 4 and PB 5 were stopped. He claimed that results of two NA seats of Turbat-Gwadar and Quetta Chagai have also been stopped where BNP candidates were leading. Instead results of government’s dear and near ones were being announced.

He aid we are sure we have been welcomed by the people but it was never sure we would get support from secret agencies of Pakistan. This result is prepared by them while people’s result was something else.

Akhtar Mengal said there are some areas where polling agents have to send two days earlier but when our agents reached there they were abducted. He complained to Election Commission but no reply has been received yet nor any action taken.

Our votes were being given to our opponents. He said Baloch nationalists were not returned to parliament for the first time.

Previously we raised our voice through parliament but we were stopped. Our elected governments were dismissed so that nationalists’ parties are stopped outside parliament.