Saudi academic wins highest award for Arabic language teaching

June 28, 2017 Off By Web Desk

Riyadh, (IINA) – Hasan bin Mohammed Al-Shumrani, associate professor of applied languages at King Saud University (KSU), has won the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for the Arabic Language.

Al-Shumrani received the award in recognition of his interactive initiative for non-Arabic-speaking people. He supervised the launch of the project at KSU in 2012. So far, 40,000 people have benefitted from the program.

The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Award for the Arabic Language is considered the highest award in the field. It was launched by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. The award is aimed at promoting the Arabic language and encouraging those working on it.

On this occasion, KSU Rector Badran bin Abdul Rahman Al-Omar, said he appreciated the efforts of Al-Shumrani over his supervision of the scheme.

Al-Omar considered the award represented a national achievement that made the Kingdom feel proud of.

Source: International Islamic News Agency