Saudi Scout Society assists more than 150,000 pilgrims

August 24, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Scouts from the Saudi Scout Association participated in the service of 155,445 pilgrims of different nationalities, in 5,348 outings guiding 140,385 pilgrims to their camps by giving them directions and personally leading 15,060 other pilgrims to their campaign headquarters.

In addition to the points of guidance, roaming ambulances and electronic registration, the Scouts society recruited more than 1,200 scouts and several leaders in 8 guidance centers in Mina to assist until the second day of Eid.

The scouts follow a specific protocol in terms of the guidance they provide wherein data of pilgrims is recorded on the wrist then subsequently recorded on the computer and then it’s determined which camp they belong to. Then, the pilgrims are accompanied by a scout to their camps. The Scout Association uses many electronic devices like smart devices to complete this task.

In an effort to help pilgrims identify their camps and reduce the number of lost people the general supervisor of the service camps in the Kingdom, Dr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Fahd, said that the association has issued maps, amounting to more than a million maps, in addition to having provided electronic versions of the map, as well as large sized maps in several places in Mina.

Source: International Islamic News Agency