SC asked to take notice of JI worker’s kidnapping

September 2, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti has demanded of the Supreme Court of Pakistan SCP and the government to take immediate notice of kidnapping of JI worker Ammar Faizan and ensure his early recovery.

He made this demand while addressing a press conference at Idara-e-Noor Haq here on Monday. The family members, including the mother of Ammar Faizan, his elder brother Aazib Faizan and his uncle were also present on the occasion. Speaking at a press conference, Mehanti said that the act of kidnapping 28year old cancer patient, Ammar Faizan was a question mark over the performance of the government and law enforcing agencies LEAs.

“On one hand, the apex court had issued directives in order to recover the missing persons, while on the other hand the kidnapping cases have been raised with every passing day, which tantamount to violate the orders of Supreme Court”, he added.

Appraising the details of kidnapping, JI Karachi Chief said that some unidentified persons in civvies entered in the residence of Ammar Faizan on August 22, located in Gulshan-e-Amin, Federal B Area, and Block No. 21 at 11.00am and took him along with them. Mehanti informed the media that after passing 11 days, Ammar was still missing despite the fact that an FIR has already been launched, adding that he was suffering in deadly disease cancer for last 4 years and also under treatment.

Condemning the incident, JI Karachi Chief said that it was a serious crime and violation of Constitution to kidnap anyone without any reason. Mehanti said that the target killers and extortionists were roaming freely, while the innocent people are being kidnapped without any reason, which is a point to ponder, as the LEAs instead of arresting the criminals just use its power on the innocent people of the city.

On the occasion, JI Karachi Chief warned the officials concern that the JI has reserve the right to stage protest demonstrations against the non recovery of Ammar Faizan. Speaking at the occasion, the mother of Ammar Faizan said that his son was a cancer patient and needs special care due to his ailment. She lamented the government and its LEAs to recover his son on humanitarian grounds. JI Central Ameer Farooq Naimatullah also spoke on the occasion.